Aalto Shipping Company acquires a new ship

Aalto Shipping Company acquires a new ship

Aalto Shipping Company acquires a new ship

The Finnish Aalto Shipping Company started its operations in spring 2018. In early 2018 it acquired two modern ice-strengthened dry bulk carriers for its fleet and started operating them under the Finnish flag.

A new ice-strengthened vessel will be transferred to Aalto Shipping Company’s ownership in September, and it has been chartered for several years starting in October. The ship will operate mainly in the Baltic Sea and North Sea; it has excellent cargo capacity and can manage well even in difficult Nordic Sea ice conditions. The vessel will be renamed m/s Airisto and will fly the Finnish flag. Its home port will be Turku.

“We are pleased that we are again increasing the tonnage sailing under the Finnish flag. We want to strengthen Finnish seafaring, and this third vessel is well suited to strengthen the company’s tonnage. The premise for the purchase was a ship that meets customer needs. The ship was built in Holland in the 2000s and is in excellent condition,” notes Tatu Laurila, Managing Director, Aalto Shipping Company Oy.

Aalto Shipping Company is owned by Finnish financial company Taaleri and its customers together with the acting management. Taaleri has capitalised its ownership in Aalto Shipping Company through its co-investment concept in which the company invests capital from its own balance sheet together with its customers.


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