ABS And CATL Join Hands For Lithium Battery Propulsion Research Project

ABS And CATL Join Hands For Lithium Battery Propulsion Research Project

The joint forces of ABS and the Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) will research on lithium battery propulsion for the next generation vessels.

The Frame Cooperation Agreement that was signed by ABS and CATL at Marintec is about joint research that will be done on the technicalities for battery-powered vessels which comprises major technologies that are related to security like the propulsion system, charging system, power battery compartment layout and fire control.

The research on the technical standards of lithium batteries comprising properties of different battery material and combustion mechanical also the working of safety systems like monitoring and early warning of thermal diffusion also comes under the project.

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The work will review the division of lithium battery inspection guidelines and bring about improvements in the standard system for lithium batteries for ships.

“Vehicle designs have taken advantage of new battery technologies such as Lithium batteries originally developed for the telecommunications industry with considerable success. ABS and CATL are at the forefront of exploring how to harness the potential of these new battery technologies to power ocean-going vessels,” said Dr. Xiaozhi (Christina) Wang, ABS Vice President, Global Marine.

“Battery technology can certainly contribute to fuel savings and therefore GHG emissions reduction in a number of ways which make this an exciting area for practical research.”

“The Li-Ion battery technology of CATL is already being applied to electric passenger vehicles, buses, electric trucks and a range of other vehicles. We look forward to working with ABS to expand this technology to vessels and realizing our shared vision of a more sustainable society in the near future,” said Qu Tao, Assistant to the Chairman of CATL.

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