ABS Certified ARIES For Remote Inspection Techniques Specialist

ABS Certified ARIES For Remote Inspection Techniques Specialist

ABS Certified ARIES For Remote Inspection Techniques Specialist

ARIES oil field services has become the first establishment in the Middle East to be approved and certificated for Remote Inspection Techniques specialist (UAV) for Ships and Offshore units by ABS. Remote inspections using drones is intended to facilitate effective and efficient surveys for the Marine & Offshore Industry are considered as an additional alternative means of access. Often Aries has been investing heavily on updating itself with advanced techniques in the field of Engineering and inspection. This prestigious certification has been granted by ABS to Aries after undertaking office audits and witnessing satisfactory demonstration surveys on-board ABS-classed vessels.

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The drones captured the data for external leg inspection of MODU as well as for internal condition assessments of tanks. It has been certified by ABS Surveyors that the live data captured as images and videos using the drones will be of use for making efficient decisions during the execution of classification and statutory surveys for both ships and offshore units.

On this remarkable achievement, Aries Founder Chairman and CEO Mr. Sohan Roy said: “Aries has always believed in providing world-class quality and reliable services to our clients across the globe. But in this era of globalization and technological advancements, one must keep abreast of the latest technology. With this certification, we have not just inched one step closer to improving our range of services but have also updated our efficiency to execute survey tasks. All our 78 subdivisions offering services are working with a proven R&D model we launched based on an efficiency management system. The introduction of drones will enable efficient review for surveying inaccessible locations. We are thankful to ABS for working very closely with us by providing all guidance on each stage of this certification. We are now into comprehensive Visual Asset Management Platform with the support of various advanced engineering & inspection techniques like drones, rope access,3d scanning & other advanced NDT methods“

Darren Leskoski, ABS Vice President Middle East & Africa, said:
“Recognizing Aries Marine’s proficiency with remote inspection technologies is another way ABS is helping realize the potential of digital technologies for marine and offshore asset owners while maintaining a laser-like focus on safety.

“We are pleased to collaborate closely with Aries Marine once again while they continue to evolve the myriad of services they provide to our industry. This commitment is a credit to their leadership and dedicated workforce.”

Reference:  ariesgroupglobal.com

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