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ABS Debates Journey To 2050, Decarbonization, Digitalization And Future Of Safety

Last updated on October 22nd, 2019

ABS Debates Journey To 2050, Decarbonization, Digitalization And Future Of Safety

At the annual ABS Taiwan National Committee meeting, leaders of the maritime sector of Taiwan debated on decarbonization, digital technology and the future of safety.

“As the leading class organization in Taiwan, ABS is able to call on the expertise of leaders to inform our approach to meeting industry challenges such as meeting IMO 2030 and 2050 objectives while ensuring safety standards are not compromised and keep pace with technological challenges,” said Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS Chairman, President and CEO, who actively participated in the Committee program.

“The National Committee is an example of how we work closely together to tackle their pressing technical, operational and regulatory challenges.”

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The best-in-class safety that has been shown by ABS was discussed which included ABS’ achievement of not having any incident of work-related lost-time in more than two years. ABS’ focus on safety and it’s missions can be clearly seen in the Port State Control performance by ABS and the fleet safety performance.

“The dialogue we have across our Committee helps guide ABS on how best to address the issues facing our industry on our journey to 2030 as well as looking further ahead to 2050,” said Anchor Chang, Taiwan Committee Chairman and Chairman, Evergreen Marine Corporation.

For the shipbuilders and shipowners of Taiwan, ABS is the classification organization of choice. The delivery of a variety of vessels like container ships, bulk carriers and oil and chemical carriers which have new technologies like smart functionality is being supported by ABS.

The meeting of the Committee is a platform for the members of ABS which includes owners, operators, charterers to come together with the industry representatives from new administrations, owner associations, and the shipbuilding and insurance sectors and discuss and talk about the issues and the new developments of the industry. These meetings act as an important part of the current dialogue that is going on with the industry in order to address the challenges related to technique, operations, and regulations.


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