ABS Issues AIP For TECHNOLOG LNG Fuel Gas Container System

ABS Issues AIP For TECHNOLOG LNG Fuel Gas Container System 1

ABS granted Approval in Principle (AIP) to TECHNOLOG for an innovative liquified natural gas (LNG) fuel gas container system.

“As a global leader in gas, ABS is committed to enabling innovation in LNG as a marine fuel and this AIP is the latest evidence of that,” said ABS Vice President for Global Gas Solutions, Patrick Janssens.

“LNG is an attractive option for shipowners and operators looking to comply with the 2020 Sulphur Cap, however bunkering infrastructure is a constraint. This development from TECHNOLOG is a strategy to expand the supply chain and improve access to LNG fuel.”

The portable tank system, which will ultimately come in 20 and 40-foot containers, is designed to be filled at land-based LNG terminals and shipped to vessels via rail, road or cargo ship before being loaded onboard an LNG-fueled vessel. Once connected to the power supply system, it is considered part of the vessel and must comply with the IGF Code.

Christoph Rasewsky of TECHNOLOG said: “LNG is quickly becoming the alternative fuel of choice. Working with ABS we are demonstrating the viability of our fuel gas container technology as a solution for shipowners and operators examining the feasibility of LNG as fuel for their vessels.”

All LNG shipments must be handled in compliance with the IMDG code as well as other national rules and codes that apply to safe transportation and shipment of hazardous goods.

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