ABS Meets UK Maritime Leaders To Discuss Shipping’s Future

ABS Meets UK Maritime Leaders To Discuss Shipping's Future

A meeting of UK maritime industry leaders was held at the annual ABS UK National Committee meeting to debate on the issues like decarbonization, digital technologies and the future of safety.

“ABS has deep roots in the maritime community in the UK and Ireland which means our committee is made up of industry leaders offering powerful insight on the technical and regulatory challenges facing the industry—as we harness digital technologies and innovation to meet 2030 and 2050 decarbonization objectives,” said Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS Chairman, President and CEO, who actively participated in the Committee program.

Committee members came to know about how ABS is supporting the industry’s decarbonization with the ABS Low Carbon Shipping Outlook. ABS Low Carbon Shipping Outlook defines about reaching 2030 and 2050 targets which will require ship technologies, operational measures and alternative fuels and energy sources. The operational efficiencies driven by connectivity and data analytics and energy efficient designs can help achieving 2030 targets. Fuel technologies are required for the journey to 2050 that are beyond today’s technology and modernization.

In the meeting, ABS Chief Digital Officer Howard Fireman told the Committee that there is no change in the mission of the organization, yet the way of delivering the class services by ABS is changing and this pace of change is increasing rapidly. ABS is developing condition-based programs with industry partners and moving towards predictive maintenance programs while retaining laser focus on the organization’s safety mission.

In the UK, ABS still continue to hold a leadership position as a global class organization maintaining a strong position in the new construction market while working on a wide range of innovative projects with many forward-looking owners.

The Committee heard about the industry-leading safety performance of ABS, including achieving two years without a work-related lost-time incident. ABS’s aim of safety and its mission is because of its superior Port State Control performance and strong fleet safety performance. The committee was also told about the strengthened commitment of ABS towardsto Europe, with new, modern offices located in the heart of the City of London .

Dr Andrew L Smith, SPE HSSE Directors Advisory Committee at the Society of Petroleum Engineers International, was also present there as a guest speaker. He discussed about the safety management in other industries and strategies for dealing with the challenges of increased complexity, system integration, artificial intelligence and cyber threats.

“The UK Committee brings together highly experienced figures from across the industry who are able to offer powerful insight on the many regulatory and technical challenges we face,” said Graham Westgarth, CEO of V Group and ABS UK National Committee Chairman. “The informed dialogue we have across our Committee helps guide ABS in its mission to develop solutions and services that will help us meet those challenges without compromising on safety.”

ABS members, including owners, operators, charterers, and industry representatives from flag administrations, owner associations, the shipbuilding and insurance sectors, meet for forums to come together with ABS leaders and discuss industry issues and developments. All the members joining the forum are an important part of an ongoing dialogue with industry as they raise and discuss technical, operational and regulatory challenges.

Reference: eagle.org


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