ABS and Samsung Heavy Industries To Develop Next Generation LNG Carrier

ABS and Samsung Heavy Industries To Develop Next Generation LNG Carrier

ABS and Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), on the 18th of September, signed at Gastech 2019 to collaborate on a next-generation LNG carrier in a joint development project (JDP).

“ABS is a leader in gas carriers with a proud record of supporting innovation, delivering operational efficiencies and advancing the cause of safety. This exciting project with SHI for a state-of-the-art vessel represents the next step in that journey,” said Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President Engineering and Technology. “ABS classed the world’s first LNG carrier and today continues to lead global gas carrier classification.”

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“SHI has introduced advanced LNG carriers to the market successfully with industry-leading partners such as ABS,” said Jong H Youn, Vice President of SHI. “In this JDP we will focus on the examination and realization of future technologies with SHI’s most advanced LNG carrier design to meet current and future market demand.”

The JDP will see the SHI deliver the basic concept and design for a next-generation LNG carrier that will have an advanced air lubrication system. Moreover, it will also incorporate smart ship technologies. The design of the structure and the arrangements will be reviewed by ABS.

With a full scope of gas-related assets, ABS has a lot of experience. ABS not only provides industry leadership and also provides regulatory and statutory guidance on projects which are related to LNG floating structures and systems, gas fuel systems and equipment, gar carriers and barges.

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