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AMSA Completes Rescue Operation In Rough Seas Off Newcastle Coast

Last updated on July 2nd, 2021

AMSA Completes Rescue Operation In Rough Seas Off Newcastle Coast

AMSA has completed search and rescue operations following the capsize of a catamaran in rough seas off Newcastle with five people on board, including a teenage girl.

A 14-year old girl and a 45-year-old man were rescued from the water and taken to John Hunter Hospital for assessment. It was confirmed that three people were dead at the scene and their bodies were recovered from the water by Volunteer Marine Rescue NSW.

In the morning at 10 am, AMSA first detected the vessel’s registered distress beacon, 25 km off the Newcastle coast. The vessel’s distress beacon, which was properly registered, ensured AMSA was able to deploy rescue teams immediately to the scene. AMSA regularly coordinates the response to distress beacon activations with support from police and volunteers.

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Initially, AMSA sent the Westpac rescue helicopter from Belmont for finding the overturned vessel, which reached the scene at around 10.45 am. The two survivors were located by the helicopter and three people who were reported dead near the vessel. A helicopter crewman was able to recover the survivors on board to transfer them to hospital.

A rescue helicopter from Williamtown was also tasked by AMSA, which remained on scene until Volunteer Marine Rescue vessels from Newcastle and Port Stephens arrived to recover the bodies of the deceased.

The catamaran was on a voyage from Port Stephens to the Central Coast when it capsized. NSW Police has notified next of kin.

AMSA extends its condolences to the families of the deceased. AMSA thanked the rescue crews who were involved for their swift response and saved two lives.


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