APL’s Eagle Express Service Makes A Solution For Precise Logistics Management

APL’s Eagle Express Service Makes A Solution For Precise Logistics Management 1

APL’s Eagle Express X (EXX) service is living up to be just the solution for precise logistics planning of shippers on the Trans-Pacific. Amid capacity shortage and logistics crunch at ports on the US west coast; and extreme weather like Typhoons that hit Asia, the EXX service has been fulfilling its fast 11-day ocean transit from Shanghai to Los Angeles (LA); and promise of same-day cargo availability at the Eagle Marine Services (EMS) terminal.

“Since the first voyage of the EXX service in August, every shipment into LA has been discharged with same day availability. More than 90% of shipments are ready for pickup within 10 hours from vessel operation. Containers were picked up in under 30 minutes by trucks that accessed the EXX-exclusive gates. The excellent performance shows that the EXX service brings certainty to the supply chain,” said Ed Aldridge, President, APL North America.

Shippers who experienced the first five EXX sailings gave the premium offering the thumbs up for excellent customer service; speed and timeliness of delivery; as well as guaranteed equipment and space amid shortages.

In particular, the EXX White Glove Customer Care has impressed with its proactive notifications that inform the precise time of cargo availability 24 hours prior. This facilitates timely truck dispatch for effective warehouse planning.

“Feedback from customers who have used the service has been extremely positive. We are determined to uphold the perfect record which our shippers value for speed to the Californian market. The EXX service will continue to deliver the X-factor that our customers count on for fast and reliable shipment,” added Aldridge.

The EXX service calls the ports of Ningbo, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Dutch Harbour, Yokohama and Busan.

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