APM Terminals Barcelona Sets New Productivity Records

APM Terminals Barcelona Sets New Productivity Records

APM Terminals Barcelona Sets New Productivity Records

APM Terminals Barcelona sets a new record by breaking the records for movements during a call. 5,394 movements were registered during a call on the Alliance’s Millau Bridge Ship, the main service of the terminal.

5,323 movements were performed on the OOCL Brussels in 2017. Since then, this is the most number of activities that have been recorded on a vessel in the Catalan terminal. 135.46 Berth Moves Per Hour is the sustainable productivity that was recorded while the operation was going on.

Jordi Vidal, Operations Manager at APM Terminals Barcelona, is proud of the results achieved: “The APM Terminals Barcelona operational team has done an excellent job in the face of this new challenge, providing our clients with excellent results – both in terms of operational planning and in productivity achieved.”

With the implementation of the 100% of the investment that was €47 million and was decisive for handling the Millau Bridge call, the APM Terminals Barcelona is working at its best, producing its maximum. The investments comprise two Super Post Panamax cranes which are from Los Angeles using which the equipment of the terminal was boosted by five operational SPX cranes, 29 new straddle carriers (SC) and a new Rack for reefer connections.

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These investments are a part of the strategy that APM Terminals’ has which include modernizing the present fleet and expanding the equipment capacity and productivity thereby, making the terminal more safe. “Over the past few months, we’ve made a big effort to improve the technical equipment and machinery necessary to operate the most modern container ships calling at Barcelona,” says Narcís Pavón, Managing Director of APM Terminals Barcelona. “Fortunately, we’re already seeing positive results and are confident that this record will be the first of many more to come.”

These investments further consolidate APM Terminals Barcelona’s position in the maritime industry as a leader which provides the best productivity levels by using the newest equipment, the most modern technology, and customer-oriented services in the Mediterranean.

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