APM Terminals Launches Global Customer Alerts Solution

APM Terminals Launches Global Customer Alerts Solution

APM Terminals Launches Global Customer Alerts Solution

To meet the demand of the customers to get real-time information about exceptional circumstances or disruptions that may have affected a terminal, a global customer alert system has been launched by APM Terminals. The customers can subscribe to alerts from the terminal via SMS or email through this system.

These alerts will only function in case of severe issues that will have direct problems for the customers like labor shortages, bad weather warnings, congestion at the port or delays with customs clearance.

Wherever possible, an approximate resolution time, link to sources for more information like gate cameras or live vessel timeline, or when available, alternative solutions like free storage limits extension or gate opening times being longer will be provided by the terminal.

Real-time updates

Emails and SMS messages will be sent directly to the customers who have registered for the service within minutes of the message being published on the website. This real time information will help the customers get as soon as possible yhereby, helping them to adjust their schedules or take any required action

Customers can register for these alerts via www.apmterminals.com/alerts in just a few minutes. There are a number of options from which the customers are to select so as to make them only receive applicable alerts like a gate, rail or vessel announcements. They can also make a selection between SMS messages or emails. Customers can also make a choice to get alerts from one or many terminals.

Range of online services

Most APM Terminals can avail this service and one part of a wide rage of online services can be formed like real time vessel locating and information trace, being developed to give more visibility and proactive communication to customers of APM Terminals’ through the website of the company.

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