APM Terminals’ Moín Container Terminal Reaches 1 Million TEUs

APM Terminals’ Moín Container Terminal Reaches 1 Million TEUs 1

The Moín Container Terminal of APM Terminals completed the movements of 1 millionth TEU on the 11th of December, 2019. Reaching this number after operating for just 10 months is great achievement. This is also important because on reaching the volume of 1.5 million TEUs in an year, the next phase of the terminal will be built. APM Terminals has a concession of 30-years for operating in the terminal.

A fully cellular container vessel unloaded the millionth TEU. It was also draped in commemorative tarpaulins so as to represent the milestone that had been acheived in Costa Rica Caribbean.

While the operation was going on, the six gantry cranes of Moin Container Terminal worked quicker so as maintain fluidity in loading and unloading of the containers that were destined for the United States, Europe and South America. This increased the productivity to more than 28 movements every hour on each crane.

Supporting the local community

This milestone is also a representation of the achievement of the 1,000 local members of staff who have surpassed a number of records ever since February, 2019 when the terminal was opened. “As a team, we are very proud to achieve this millionth movement in the TCM, a world-class Terminal that brings well-being and development to the community, to the country and to the region, ” said Hartmut Goeritz, MD of APM Terminals Moín.

According to the commitment made to Costa Rica, till now about US $11 million has been contributed by APM Terminals that is to be used and invested by the Government for the projects relating to the development and employment of the province of Limón.


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