BIMCO And ICS Publish New Cyber Security Guide For Crew On Board

With the maritime operations being digitalized and the dependence on technology and network connectivity for the everyday onboard and on shore operations, the shipping industry has become prone and sensitive to the threats of cyber incidents.

In order to help the crew that is present on the bridge and in the engine room, various checklists have been comprised in the new ‘Cyber Security Workbook for Onboard Ship Use’ like how to protect, detect, respond and recover from a cyber incident, and thus provides for a guide that is practical and easy to use for the master and the officers.

BIMCO is working continuously to raise awareness among the ship owners about the issues that are related to cyber security and supports their work by putting out industry guidelines to help the companies in making their independent approaches to manage cyber risk onboard.

Seeing the contributions of BIMCO, IMO has also recently decided to identify the cyber risks as threats which are to be addressed by the companies in the same way as other threats that may have a negative impact on the operations of a vessel and for the safeguard of the environment. The Guidelines on Cyber Security Onboard Ships has the guidance for such issues.

“Cyber security risk management is not just an IT issue. Managing the complex interactions between technology and humans correctly will be key to avoid a cyber incident, and to recover from them, should an incident happen,” says Aron Frank Sørensen, Head of Maritime Technology and Regulation at BIMCO.

“I see the workbook as a valuable tool that will help officers manage cyber risks while carrying out their daily routines on board,” Sørensen says.

  1. Reference: bimco

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