Bristol Port Enhanced Container Terminal Capacity On Completion Of £9 Million Upgrade

Bristol Port Enhanced Container Terminal Capacity On Completion Of £9 Million Upgrade

Bristol Port Enhanced Container Terminal Capacity On Completion Of £9 Million Upgrade

There has been a significant upgrade in the capacity of Bristol Port’s container terminal by the completion of a £9 million upgrade. The investment is made for accomplishing the commitment of expanding the container services offered at Avonmouth and Portbury Docks. James Stangroom, Commercial Manager at Bristol Port, said: “This upgrade is designed to further refine our productivity and to provide considerable extra capacity to handle an increase in container traffic. Our container services continue to grow, as more and more businesses recognize the huge advantage of using the most centrally located container port in the UK, and the benefits that bring of connectivity and efficiency in bringing containers closer to domestic markets.”

A number of major companies including Amazon, The Range, and Roper Rhodes – setting up national distribution centers in the hinterland around Portbury and Avonmouth highlighted the geographical advantage of Bristol and the southwest of England having motorway links to all points of the compass.

James said: “We are a global gateway and have developed partnerships with a number of these key businesses, including for example The Range, which brings in thousands of containers every year via MSC shipping line.”

There are two container terminals at Bristol Port. Portbury handles larger vessels including the weekly MSC feeder from Antwerp. The smaller vessels are served by Avonmouth with rapid turnaround time for smaller volumes.

Carriers operating with Bristol Port include MSC, DFDS Suardiaz Line, and Containerships which provide weekly services to and from Bilbao; Grimaldi Lines which provides weekly services to and the Mediterranean, Sweden, and Denmark and Cronus Logistics which provides three sailings a week to Northern Ireland.

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In the early months of this year, Bristol Port launched a brochure to showcase how it is “Brexit ready”. There will be a possibility for importers to move from lorry-borne cargo which has the potential for delays by the imposition of tariffs into containers, which will provide a further boost in this area.

Bristol Port is well placed to deal with any re-diverted traffic from Dover and other ports. This has been proved by the examples set by the terminal update to increase capacity and the purchase of two new gantry cranes


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