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Britain’s Largest Port Operator Calling On All UK Technology Companies To Drive Innovation

Last updated on November 1st, 2019

Britain’s Largest Port Operator Calling On All UK Technology Companies To Drive Innovation

The largest port operators of Britain, Associated British Ports (ABP) is calling on technology companies of the UK to provide help to overcome the operational challenges that the maritime industry is facing.

In partnership with the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), ABP is running the EnSiX Challenge Competition that is calling on the businesses of the UK to give in innovative solutions that will help boost the efficiency and sustainability of the industry.

KTN is the network partner for Innovate UK which is a part of UK Research and Innovation. It is a non-departmental public body that is funded by a grant in aid that comes from the Government of UK.

The competition will go on till the end of October. It will mainly address the three main areas that are as follows: to reduce the emissions from heavy lifting equipment at ports; use of systems and processes that will help improve equipment operator training and provide assisted inspection tools; and to give alternative approaches for the vessel propulsion systems.

While the industry is trying to move towards zero carbon by 2050, ABP wants to partner with the businesses of UK measures that are energy-saving, reduce emissions and boost efficiency and can thereby improve the sustainability of the port operations. The businesses that win will be given an opportunity to work with ABP and develop and bring out new technology across its network of 21 ports in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Mike McCartain, ABP’s Group Director of Safety, Marine and Engineering, said: “Improving efficiency and delivering more sustainable services to our customers is part of our ongoing commitment. The UK can be immensely proud of its engineering heritage and we are drawing on this pool of world-class talent to help us meet these challenges.”

Colin Tattam, Director, KTN, said: “KTN is delighted to support ABP’s drive to sustainable port services. The Innovation Exchange program provides a sector-agnostic approach to promoting innovation challenges. The opportunity for SMEs to pitch their cross-sector solutions to a major operation such as ABP is a key factor in helping innovation flourish.”



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