Bunker Fuel Tracking Startup Celebrates Prestigious Maritime Award For Supply Chain Innovation

Bunker Fuel Tracking Startup Celebrates Prestigious Maritime Award For Supply Chain Innovation 1

The Excellence in Supply Chain Management and Innovation award was won by Blockchain and BunkerTrace which is a DNA-based fuels tracking system at the Lloyd’s List Europe Awards on Tuesday night.

This award recognizes the company that uses its technology for providing the best services to its customers both in the land and sea supply chain.

The judges highlighted the potential of BunkerTrace to make the marine fuels supply chain more transparent by offering end to end traceability and thus complying with the 2020 regulation by IMO.

BunkerTrace CEO Marc Johnson commented: “We’re extremely proud to have accomplished so much in our first few months of business, having just launched in October. Having successfully trialled our marine fuel tracing system in the Netherlands and now won the Lloyd’s List award, this puts us on a great footing to scale up commercially as we go into 2020.

“We’re pleased to bring a new solution to the market ahead of IMO 2020, which will provide traceability and improve accountability in the bunker supply chain.

“We’d like to thank all our industry partners, colleagues, friends and supporters for helping us achieve these milestones and win the supply chain innovation award.”

BunkerTrace Technical Sales Director, Stuart Hall said: “This time last year at the same ceremony, Forecast Technology met Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration (BLOC) and BunkerTrace was born. By combining Forecast’s synthetic DNA tracers and BLOC’s blockchain expertise, we’ve created a system which manages marine fuel risks by creating a transparent chain of custody that combines both physical and digital systems.

“We’re very proud to have one this won this award in a very competitive category and well done to all the other winners at the event.”


Reference: BunkerTrace

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