Bureau Veritas Approves Inmarsat Maritime IoT Platform – Fleet Data

Bureau Veritas Approves Inmarsat Maritime IoT Platform - Fleet Data

Bureau Veritas Approves Inmarsat Maritime IoT Platform – Fleet Data

Bureau Veritas has given the Approval in Principle (AiP) to the leading mobile satellite communication company Fleet Data from Inmarsat.

For one of the leading secure sensor data and the Internet of Things (IoT) platform, it is great achievement.

According to the conditions of approval given by Bureau Veritas, FleetData is verified to be installed safely on board. Its operations will not affect the present navigation, safety, and radio communication system.

The ship owners and managers can access and take control of the sensor data when onboard using the bandwidth-inclusive platform. They can pre-process, extract and bring it together in the cloud-based storage where it can be exploited by their own decision-making software of the operator or the third party. At present, the FleetData is available via FleetXpress. However, it is soon available to users of Inmarsat FleetBroadband.

“Bureau Veritas is an innovator in maritime digitalization,” said Jean, “The Fleet Data IoT platform draws on different sources for data, including onboard sensors, the ship’s voyage data recorder (VDR) or the Integrated Automation System. Data is pre-processed and transferred ashore by satellite connection. Users access a secure online dashboard that is virtually connected via Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to the analytics, monitoring and management tools available through the IoT.”

“Securing approval demonstrates that the maritime industry’s impartial standard bearers on safety, security and the environment identify Fleet Data as supportive of their objectives,” says Stefano Poli, Vice President Business Development, Inmarsat Maritime. “The launch of Fleet Data indicated that the world’s leading maritime satcoms supplier had also developed the industry’s first sensor agnostic platform to unleash IoT-based vessel performance gains. This approval verifies that Fleet Data can be installed onboard any ship without the need for further approval, certification or testing of any existing system and means it is safe to install.”

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Poli emphasized that using by using any suitably equipped data logging device, the power of FleetData can be enabled. “As a bandwidth-inclusive service, Fleet Data is also available to subscribers without additional airtime cost, whether they use the solution to enhance operational ship efficiency or to benchmark data across an entire fleet.”

Reference: Bureau Veritas

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