Bureau Veritas Solutions Calls For Industry To Embrace Benefits Of Ship Recycling Best Practice

Bureau Veritas Solutions Calls For Industry To Embrace Benefits Of Ship Recycling Best Practice

Bureau Veritas Solutions Calls For Industry To Embrace Benefits Of Ship Recycling Best Practice

The advisory wing of Bureau Veritas, Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore (BVS) is helping to bring in improvement in the standards of ship recycling.

It is encouraging the maritime industry to take up better standards in the recycling of ships and is also offering guidance for the same.

BVS is proving ship owners, ship managers, and ship recycling facilities with trained experts to support compliance. This is being provided both during the operational life of the ship and during the end-of-life phase so as to help different parties to fulfill their regulatory obligations and meet the standards of practice.

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In the London International Shipping Week, BVS gave expert insight to the delegates about the challenges of compliance with HIM and the recycling requirements of the ship. It also talked about the benefits of a forward-moving and transparent approach in order to meet the required obligations and supporting best practices.

Commenting on the challenge facing ship owners, ship managers and recycling facilities, Paul Shrieve, Bureau Veritas President, President, Bureau Veritas Solutions, said: “Ten years on from the Hong Kong Convention, we have undoubtedly seen improvements in standards at recycling yards across the world, even ahead of its entry in force. The EU Ship Recycling Regulation has also accelerated improvements in a way that is very welcome. Nevertheless, these are not straightforward pieces of legislation. The requirement for EU flagged newbuilds and, from 31 December 2020, existing vessels, to have an IHM and a Statement of Compliance raises considerable challenges for owners. These challenges are becoming pressing, with Port State Control already enforcing IHM and end-of-life requirements.”

“With our ‘Ten Compliance Tips’, we are providing shipping companies with a clear, simple roadmap towards understanding how and when they are affected by the Hong Kong Convention and EU requirements, what they are required to do, the steps to take to develop and maintain an IHM, and the benefits and risks to consider in their end-of-life recycling decisions. We also encourage owners to then publish their IHM and recycling policies, in order to share the benefits of a more transparent and progressive approach to ship recycling.”

Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore’ ten compliance tips for ship recycling are:

  • Fleet-wide planning: the timeline of the ships must be understood.
  • Fleet-wide planning (2): understand the implications for your ships
  • Understand the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM): what is it and what does it require?
  • Understand the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (2): the difference between requirements for EU and non-EU flagged ships
  • Budget for sampling: can you prove what you have onboard?
  • Develop and maintain the IHM during operations: use BV Solution’s Praxis software tool
  • Recycling decisions: understand the benefits and risks
  • Recycling decisions (2): follow industry best practice
  • Develop and publish your ship recycling policy
  • Seek expert advice

Reference: Bureau Veritas

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