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Comoros-Flagged M/V REGGAE Refused Access To The Paris MoU Region

Last updated on September 11th, 2020

Comoros-Flagged M/V REGGAE Refused Access To The Paris MoU Region

M/V Reggae was detained in the port of Chioggia (Italy) on the 3rd of October 2019. In the last 36 months, this was the third detention in the Paris MoU region. It was a Comoros flagged ship that is currently blocked on the Paris MoU WGB list.

According to the provisions of Section 4 of the Paris MoU, Article 16 of EU Council Directive 2009/16/EC, the access of the ship to any port and anchorage in the MoU region of Paris will be refused except for a port and anchorage of the State of the ship’s flag.

The access refusal will immediately be applicable after the ship is authorized to leave this port and anchorage.

Since it is the first refusal for the access, the access refusal period will be 3 months.

The provisions of Section 4.4 of the Paris MoU, Article 21.6 of the EU Council Directive 2009/16/EC1 allows access to a specific port or anchorage if there is an incident of force majeure or overriding safety consideration or the reduction or minimization of the risk of pollution or to have rectified deficiencies. This is done by seeing that adequate measures are provided for the satisfaction of the competent authority of such a State that has been put into force by the company or the master of the ship for secure entry.

Reference: parismou

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