Construction Begins On One Of The Most Climate-Smart Ships In World

Construction Begins On One Of The Most Climate-Smart Ships In World 1

The production of Viking Line’s new passenger cruise ship starts at the Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. (XSI) shipyard in China. The first steel plates are being cut in the traditional Steel Cutting ceremony. The new vessel will be one of the most climate-smart ships in the world.

The project has involved extensive engineering and development work with the intention to create a unique new-generation passenger ship. The collaborative project has engaged several suppliers in Finland and Europe. The vessel will be launched for operation in early 2021 on the Turku–Åland–Stockholm route.

The new vessel is designed with a focus on providing open and unobstructed views of the unique archipelago. Large panoramic windows will enable passengers to experience the archipelago in a completely new way.

“We want to provide our guests with unprecedented views of the archipelago. Our company’s roots are in the archipelago, and we wish this fact to be reflected in our activities. On the new ship, the views are unobstructed, and one can experience the overall presence of the sea. To protect our unique marine environment, we utilise innovative technologies. Tomorrow’s passenger experiences will incorporate an emphasis on environmental factors and comfort”, explains Jan Hanses, President and CEO of Viking Line.

An architectural company based in Sweden, Koncept Stockholm is responsible for the interior design of the new vessel. Koncept Stockholm stood out from among several renowned architectural companies with plans that combine Scandinavian lightness and playfulness in an attractive way. With the help of these architects, Viking Line strives to enhance onboard travel experiences for the satisfaction of cruise passengers, families with children and conference guests alike, while also meeting the demands of freight transport. The project has also taken into consideration international passengers, who may be experiencing the archipelago for the first time in their lives.

Larger and more efficient than Viking Grace

The new vessel is larger than M/S Viking Grace, the pioneer in environmental aspects and the first LNG-powered large passenger ship in the world, but it is calculated to consume up to

10per cent less fuel. Optimised energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly solutions have been focal points for the project, and the new vessel will be among the most energy efficient ships in the world.

Facts about the new vessel:
Delivery at the end of 2020
Launch for operation on the Turku–Åland–Stockholm route in early 2021
Passenger capacity 2,800 persons
Cabins 922
Crew approx. 200 persons
Length 218 metres, gross tonnage 63,000 tonnes
Cargo capacity 1,500 lane metres
Ice class 1 A Super
Fuel LNG (liquefied natural gas)
Built at the shipyard of Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. in China
Collaborative partners: Wärtsilä, ABB Marine, Kone, Koncept Stockholm, Deltamarin, Almaco etc.

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