Container Jacking Systems Make Their Mark In Intermodal Container Logistics

Container Jacking Systems Make Their Mark In Intermodal Container Logistics

Container Jacking Systems Make Their Mark In Intermodal Container Logistics

With installation in more than 20 countries, C-Lifts are coming up as a more possible equipment for lifting which is a competitor for the mid-range container handling market and dominates the container jacking niche.

“Companies are realizing that in many cases, a vertical lifting container system is a superior solution to traditional container handling equipment,” says BISON CEO Greg Fahey.

“Previously, the only options were capital-intensive pieces of equipment, or at a pinch, hiring a crane. Given the size and cost of traditional CHE. Buying these big machines can be a little like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut!”

We can also say that due to the cost and size of the traditional container handlers, they are not reachable to many operators.

The container jacks help organizations to have more control over the shipping operation of their containers as a part of the cost or traditional equipment.

However, the importers and exporters now realise that they can remove the task of scheduling by owning their private container lifting system.

Fahey continues: “A coolstore customer of ours was frustrated with the shortage of haulage companies with the capability to also put containers on the ground. By installing their own container hoists on site, they have taken back control of their container logistics and are able to work with a wider range of haulage companies – cutting costs and making it easier to ship on time.”

The small footprint and profitability of C-Lifts are a large source of benefit for the owners of containers. Container ships are being delivered by the contractors into safe facilities on scheduled time which eliminates the problem of coordination with the third party.

In Fahey’s words “We have put the power back in the hands of the operator.”

A better order growth is expected by BISON in the year 2020.

“We’re delighted with the global interest,” says BISON CEO, Greg Fahey. “We are receiving orders from across the globe.”

The automated A-Series, the portable heavy-lifting P-Series and the manual M-Series are a part of the C-Lift range.

The range of BISON C-Lift will expand with T-Series adding in it in early 2020.

Reference: BISCO

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