Crowley Adds Large Number Of New Reefer Containers To Its Fleet

Crowley Adds Large Number Of New Reefer Containers To Its Fleet

Crowley Adds Large Number Of New Reefer Containers To Its Fleet

300 new refrigerator cargo containers have been added by Crowley Logistics in its leading fleet. This has been done when the peak season for perishable shipping is to begin.

All the containers are 40 foot long high cubes that are built to match the standards of the Crowley. This shows how the company is committing towards providing its customers with the most reliable and efficient equipment in the market.

The vessels are featured with wireless asset monitoring technology that is to provide continuous monitoring when the vessels will move from the origin to the destination both at sea and overland to make sure that the cold chain is being maintained the whole time when then goods are moving.

“The acquisition of these containers is part of our continued commitment to maintaining the best-conditioned equipment for our customers and in the right quantities to meet their needs during peak season and throughout the rest of the year,” said Steve Collar, senior vice president, and general manager, Crowley Logistics. “We have a staff of experts that continuously evaluates our fleet and its ability to meet customer needs. If we see there is an opportunity for enhancements, we make investments to ensure we have the right equipment available at the right time.”

The top-notch equipment of Crowley along with grower and farm services like load planning and equipment sanitation makes it a partner that is trusted by refrigerated shippers. In transit services like location and monitoring of the temperature are provided by Crowley. Quality and dependable arrival are made sure by the company by providing services such as customs clearance, fumigation options, refrigerated storage, and last-mile deliveries.

The Santo Tomas of Guatemala will receive the reefer containers to make space for the huge reefer season that is bound to North of Central America which is to happen in May 2020.

The reefer containers will be received in Santo Tomas, Guatemala to accommodate Central America’s heavy northbound reefer season, which runs through May 2020. The new containers also have the high-efficiency PrimeLINE® refrigeration units by Carrier, who has made various modifications so to increase the efficiency and reliability.

$150 million has been invested by Crowley since 2014 in new cargo equipment for its fleet. Over 51,500 pieces of owned and intermodal equipment that are leased are operated by the company as of now. The requirements of the customers are met the various sizes and important locations of the equipment all over the US, Central America, and the Carribean.

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