Daewoo Shipbuilding Delivers First LNG Carrier With Air Lubrication System

Daewoo Shipbuilding Delivers First LNG Carrier With Air Lubrication System 1

An LNG carrier that is featured with an air lubrication system has been built by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering. On the 18th of November, the announcement about delivery was made.

The vessel was a 173,400m3 LNG carrier which was ordered in June 2016 by Maran Gas Maritime in Greece, DSME ALS applied it and was developed by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering.

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The air lubrication system is an energy-saving technology that puts in the air into the bottom of the ship to make a continuous air layer between the hull and seawater thus improving the efficiency of fuel by decreasing frictional resistance while the operation is going on.

The application of this system will help in saving over 5% of the fuel when compared to present LNG carriers.

For the first time, this technology will be applied to a LNG carrier that is newly made. However, it’s usage is also done for the remodeling of used ships or being applied to container ships.

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Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Corp. said that its owner, Marangas, presented the satisfaction it had from the performance by checking the savings of fuel by the ships directly through a trial run in October and also asked for the technology to be applied to next ships.

Along with this, DSME ALS said that it also has an integrated control system and monitor and manage the related data properly in real-time when maintaining the efficiency of fuel in any marine environment.

A representative of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering said, “With the successful delivery of ships, the company has solidified its position as a leader in LNG carrier technology.” “Based on this construction experience, we have used this technology for super-large container ships, LPG carriers, and medium tankers. It will be extended to the back, ”he said.

Reference: dsme.co.kr

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