Daikin Reefer Celebrates 50 Years Of Market-Leading Reefer Innovation

Daikin Reefer Celebrates 50 Years Of Market-Leading Reefer Innovation 1

Daikin Reefer, a leading global supplier of container refrigeration equipment, is this month officially celebrating its 50th anniversary. Central to the evolution of the refrigerated container market since the very beginning, Daikin Reefer was one of the first major reefer manufacturers in 1968 and has maintained its position as a leading industry innovator ever since.

The company has supplied more than 250,000 units to over 300 liner shipping and leasing companies and continues to grow its customer base year-on-year, in both the operating and leasing sectors. As global populations and average salaries grow, free trade agreements have enabled products to be transported between more countries than ever before. Daikin’s reefer technology continues to ensures that consumers worldwide have access to quality, perishable produce that has travelled long distances. From fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, to wine, dairy products, flowers and even pharmaceuticals, Daikin Reefer’s commitment to cargo care over the past 50 years has continuously pushed the boundaries of refrigerated transportation to enable the carriage of new cargoes on diversified routes.

Mr. Shin Furuta, President, Daikin Reefer, commented: “Even after 50 years, Daikin Reefer remains at the forefront of the industry as the reefer segment continues to expand, helping both shippers and shipowners to access new markets, expand trade opportunities, and deliver added value to their customers.”

One example of Daikin Reefer’s commitment to quality, reliability and innovation is its proprietary Daikin Active CA (controlled atmosphere) technology. The only active – rather than passive – system on the market, Daikin Reefer’s latest Active CA technology enables food and other sensitive, perishable products to be transported in optimal condition for longer periods of time, extending shelf life and opening up more market opportunities for shippers and shipping lines.

In addition to high respiring cargo, with Active CA, it is now possible to transport products that are generally considered difficult to transport under passive CA, due to their low respiration rates. By reducing the oxygen level without relying on cargo respiration, Active CA can be used regardless of voyage length and to transport the broadest spectrum of cargo; from leafy vegetables, blueberries, cherries, lychees, and organic grapes with a low respiration rate, to produce with a high respiration rate, such as avocados, bananas, and cut flowers.

Unlike passive CA, which relies on produce respiration, Daikin’s Active CA delivers nitrogen rich gas to the reefer container with inbuilt equipment, reducing oxygen density rapidly. This puts the fresh produce to “sleep” in a matter of a day or so, leading to longer shelf-life at the destination. During transportation, produce loses its water content from respiring. Active CA’s ability to put the produce to sleep quickly minimises the loss of water content and preserves the freshness of the produce for longer.

Critically for produce such as avocados, this can be done in less than half the time when compared to passive systems meaning the produce can be transported for longer periods of time and over greater distances, creating new revenue streams for shippers.

With advances in technology, shipping is now capable of taking cargoes that previously had to be carried by expensive air freight. Daikin’s Active CA is providing shipping lines with the capability and versatility needed to better compete for new cargoes, for example cut flowers, asparagus, custard apples and strawberries, and shippers are benefiting from the cost reduction achieved by transportation by sea rather than air.

Mr. Shin Furuta concluded: “Known worldwide for the reliable carriage of frozen and chilled cargoes, Daikin Reefer remains wholly committed to supporting shipping lines and shippers in protecting cargoes, safeguarding quality, and achieving efficiency over the next 50 years and beyond.”

Daikin Reefer will officially mark its 50th anniversary with celebrations at Intermodal Europe, 6-8 November 2018, in Rotterdam.

Press Release: Daikin

Photo Courtesy: Daikin

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