Damen Begins Construction Of The First Revolutionary New Design Concept Of FCS 7011

Damen Begins Construction Of The First Revolutionary New Design Concept Of FCS 7011

Damen Begins Construction Of The First Revolutionary New Design Concept Of FCS 7011

Damen Shipyards Antalya, Turkey is laying the keel for the revolutionary design for the first time which is two and a half years on from the genesis of the FCS 7011 concept in response to extensive feedback from the offshore energy sector. This milestone is the result of many thousands of hours of discussions, development work, engineering, and cross-industry collaboration and also has marked by a traditional keel-laying ceremony held at the yard.

It will be the largest monohull vessel to be built in aluminum by Damen with the length of 70 meters and is scheduled for launch in August 2020. It is expected to be delivered to the prospective client with realistically looking by the end of that year.

The FCS 7011 represents the future of crew change. Through its ability to carry larger numbers of personnel up to 250 and a greater distance of 200nm and more at speeds of up to 40 knots it promises to offer greater efficiency than ever before. The integration of technologies including stabilizers, active interceptors, and marine access systems will ensure that the men and women on board are delivered safe, well rested and ready for immediate work. The design of the vessel allows it to operate in a wider range of weather conditions than conventional fast crew vessels. Also, multiple offshore installations can be served in a single round trip with its capacity, speed, and range, thereby delivering substantial savings in both time and operational costs.

It has been developed in close cooperation with the offshore energy sector, because of the concept that becomes reality interest in operating and chartering is building from both the oil & gas and renewable sectors. This type of vessel’s momentum is growing rapidly as the oil majors recognize the benefits to be gained by scaling up crew deliveries in terms of size, serviceability, flexibility, and safety. Damen expects that within a few years a number of FCS 7011 vessels will be operating on both sides of the Atlantic and elsewhere as per customer’s interest. Damen Shipyards Antalya is the ideal location for the build of the FCS 7011. It is a leader in the build of high-speed craft in both composites and aluminum with experience in larger passenger vessels with recent projects including a 55-meter RoPax Fast Ferry and a Yacht Support Vessel.

Reference: damen.com

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