Damen Holds Keel-Laying Ceremony For WSA Koblenz’s New Diving Bell Ship

Damen Holds Keel-Laying Ceremony For WSA Koblenz’s New Diving Bell Ship 1

Damen held a keel laying ceremony for the diving bell vessel that was ordered by FMSW Koblenz. It was held at Europoort Construction in Hendrik Ido Ambacht.

Duisburg waterway is the operator and shipping authority is WSA (Wasserstrassen- und Schifffahrtsamt). After the fabrication of the hull is complete, the vessel will be moved by Damen to Damen Shipyards Gorinchem for the completing the remaining build, outfitting and commissioning process.

It will be a unique vessel, thus making it a ones in a lifetime experience for everyone that will involved in it.

The ceremony also signified that the designing and engineering phase is complete. This also affirms about the performance of the vessel in close cooperation with the client, with the knowledge it has about the operational challenges that it might have to face based on the experiences that it has had in the past and the key suppliers. The result being that the final design is satisfactory to all the parties.


It will operate on the Rhine and its tributaries and will replace the Carl Straat that was built about 50 years ago that has been functioning like the modern day equivalent diving bell that enables the workers to work even in dry conditions below the water level in a pressurised atmosphere. The new diving bell system that has a lifting system enables the vessel to perform its duties without lowering the water level of the rivers on which it is operating.

the primary duties will be to search for and recover lost cargo and wreckage, inspect underwater structures and help in the works in the riverbed. It will also be used to put barrel anchors in gravel and rocky areas and to take the samples of soil by making use of liquid nitrogen from the riverbed for the stabilisation of loose material.

It is a 69 metre ship that not only retains the expertise that is on the Carl Straat but also has the latest technology in it so as to maximise its efficiency and suitability. High performance, diesel electric propulsion compliance with EU stage V standards will also be a part of the system. All important diving equipments are mainly supplied by Haux. This cooperation has been very constructive and Damen being a system integrator is confident that the performance of the vessel will meet the expectations of the owners and the crew.

“The cooperation between WSV and Damen Shipyards has been very constructive so far,” said Gerald Rose, project manager from FMSW Koblenz. “We look forward to this continuing and resulting in a successful build and smooth delivery.”

Europoort Construction will build and deliver the hull in cooperation with the Damen shipyards. The main piping works during the building stage will be done by the piping department of Damen at the company’s premises. Damen has full confidence on Europoort Construction that it will meet the expectations of the project.

The vessel is scheduled to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Reference: damen

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