Damen Hosts Keel-laying Celebration for Hanson’s Marine Aggregate Dredger

Damen Hosts Keel-laying Celebration for Hanson’s Marine Aggregate Dredger

Damen Hosts Keel-laying Celebration for Hanson’s Marine Aggregate Dredger

A celebration was hosted by the Damen Shipyards Galati to mark the keel-laying of Damen Marine Aggregate Dredger (MAD) 3500 for Hanson UK. The event was held on the 3rd of October and was attended by the representatives of both Damen Shipyards Group and Hanson UK.

On the 20th of September, the new MAD 3500’s keel was laid at the yard in Romania. By including the four coins, Romanian lei, a British pound, a Dutch guilder, and a euro, in the keel, the tradition was followed.

MAD that can dredge material at depths of up to 55 metres is a new design of the Damen. Innovative maritime technology is applied so that it can operate even in harsh conditions and also is safe. The vessels will be operated in the English Channel and the North Sea by Hanson.

Damen sales manager Joppe Neijens explains that this is a priority for both parties. “Safety is of extreme importance for both our companies and will, therefore, be a robust priority throughout the construction of this vessel and beyond. We have implemented the Governance of Risks and Incidents Programme (GRIP), which sets the standards for health, safety and the environment for the Damen Group. Through this initiative, we take preventive steps towards safer operations and share our vital lessons to help further promote excellence in safety. Safety onboard is also of critical importance and we have taken steps to incorporate this throughout the vessel – including the application of operational ergonomics in systems and the installation of all dredge pipes above deck. We are very pleased to celebrate this momentous occasion and look forward to the construction of this exciting vessel.”

The construction of the MAD 3500 will be done in the Galati yard. Damen Dredging Equipment in Nijkerk, the Netherlands will provide the modular dredge system. The MAD 3500 will also have a dry unloading system that will be from PLM Cranes.

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Hanson is one of the largest producers of marine dredged sand and gravel in Europe. The company produces aggregates, ready-mixed concrete, asphalt and cement & cement-related products, thereby making it the leading supplier of building materials to the heavy construction industry.

Speaking at the celebration to mark the keel laying, Hanson UK’s chief executive officer Simon Willis said: “Our investment in this new dredger will provide a vessel at the cutting edge of safety, performance, and sustainability. Damen share our approach in placing safety at the heart of all its activity and it’s been impressive to see this in action at the Galati yard. We look forward to welcoming the new addition to our Hanson Aggregate Marine fleet in 2021.”

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