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DEME’s New Dredger “Bonny River” Driven By Schottel Propulsion Solutions

Last updated on September 11th, 2020
DEME’s New Dredger “Bonny River” Driven By Schottel Propulsion Solutions

DEME’s New Dredger “Bonny River” Driven By Schottel Propulsion Solutions

The trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) “Bonny River”, which is built at Royal IHC’s Chinese partner yard COSCO Guangdong Shipyard, is propelled by SCHOTTEL. The TSHD is driven by controllable pitch propellers and transverse thrusters from the German propulsion expert has recently handed over to the Belgian dredging company DEME. The vessel with a 15,000 cbm capacity is capable of dredging hard soil and is able to work in water depths of more than 100 m.

Jan Gabriel, Head of the Technical Construction and Conversion Department at the DEME Group, comments, “The design of the ‘Bonny River’ is inspired by a drive to continuously innovate from an ecological and efficiency perspective. As such, DEME continues to be at the forefront of the industry and significantly reduces the environmental impact of its operations. SCHOTTEL’s propulsion solutions fit into this strategy.”

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SCHOTTEL SCPs and STTs for maximum maneuverability

“Bonny River” is driven by two SCHOTTEL Controllable Pitch Propellers type SCP 129 4-XG with an input power of 8,000 kW each and a propeller diameter of about 4.5 m. It reaches a speed of approximately 16 knots. Beyond this speed, maximum maneuverability and propulsion efficiency are provided by tunnel thrusters, that is two STT 3 FP (750 kW each) and one STT 5 FP (1,500 kW), which can be demounted from above.

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A complete power management system was developed together with SCHOTTEL’s control partner NORIS and IHC Systems. This controls the mechanically driven dredging pump, PTOs and the propellers without overloading the dual-fuel engines.


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