Divers Bring Trash Out Of Water During Project Aware In Helsinki And Hamburg

Divers Bring Trash Out Of Water During Project Aware In Helsinki And Hamburg

Divers Bring Trash Out Of Water During Project Aware In Helsinki And Hamburg

Wärtsilä organized a local clean up event in Helsinki, Finland, Hamburg, and Germany. Many volunteers came together and managed to collect kilos of trash from the water. The event was organized with the motive to increase awareness about the growing need for ocean protection.

The event locations attracted a lot of people including children, elders, etc who were passing by. Thus, making people aware of what the event was and it’s reasons.

The volunteers participated in the event collecting trash from the bottom of the sea. One very heavy construction fence post, a table set complete with four chairs, several city bikes, and six different tires were some of the things that were found in the water.

The local Project AWARE activities, initiated by Wärtsilians Mauro Sacchi and Harri Mäkelä five years ago, have engaged over 100 volunteers and have collected more than 1 ton of garbage. The volunteer team has created strong co-operation with the City of Helsinki and the local diving community.

This year, Wärtsilians expanded their clean-up drive to Germany with the first Project AWARE event organized in Hamburg. With the successful event in Hamburg, they are planning to expand the drive at 5 more new places the next year.

“Project AWARE works with scuba divers across the globe to protect underwater environments. Since its establishment in 1989, the community has grown to become a worldwide network of over 180,000 divers. To date, the volunteers have removed worldwide over one million pieces of trash from the ocean”, says Mauro Sacchi. “Project AWARE connects the passion for ocean adventure with the purpose of marine conservation to create lasting change.”

“This was the first time we organized a Project AWARE event in Hamburg and managed to gather an enthusiastic group of volunteers to work both in the water and on land”, explains Wärtsilian Kerstin Krüger. She was in charge of organizing the local event together with Kerstin Ernst and Kristin Lange. “This was really an inspiring community event and we are looking forward to continuing our efforts for the environment with similar activities,” Kerstin says on behalf of the whole team.

Reference: Wärtsilä

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