DNV GL Issues World’s First Grid Readiness Statement To Tennet Offshore Grid Connection System

DNV GL Issues World’s First Grid Readiness Statement To Tennet Offshore Grid Connection System

DNV GL Issues World’s First Grid Readiness Statement To Tennet Offshore Grid Connection System

The high voltage grid readiness by DNV GL, TenneT’s first and largest connection system for offshore wind farms, Borssele Alpha, is ready for operation on the Dutch North Sea.

TenneT has been given the verification for its Borssele Alpha offshore grid connection system by the largest resource of independent energy experts and certification body in the world, the DNV GL.

The grid readiness verification statement has been awarded for the first time to this offshore grid connection system. This enables the TenneT to showcase that it is ready to connect the Borssele wind farms I and II.

With this system, the Borssele I and II wind farms can be connected to the Dutch electricity grid. The wind farms will have the capacity to produce 700 megawatts that can generate electricity for about one million households. The connection of the power will be through Borssele Alpha that is TenneT’s offshore connection to the onshore high voltage substation to transport it further in the Dutch high-voltage grid.

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To show that the offshore grid connection is according to the conditions that are laid by the Dutch Government in the Offshore Wind Energy Development Framework, DNV GL’s verification was the final step. A planned approach was developed by the Dutch Government to produce 3,500 MW of additional offshore wind energy in 2023 from a North Sea electricity grid. TenneT has officially been appointed as an offshore grid operator in the Netherlands and will develop 3,500 MW of offshore-connections until 2023. All of this will be done by standardised concept of 700 MW per connection.

The performance of the high voltage system and the essential auxiliary systems are the main focus in the verification of the high voltage grid readiness. A plan for grid readiness verification was prepared by DNV GL and a thorough document review of the offshore substation, export cables, land station, and SCADA and communication protocols was performed by a team of high voltage experts. The energization of the complete grid connection system.

Juan van Beek, TenneT overall project manager for Net op Zee Borssele, stated, “It is a major achievement that this first TenneT offshore grid connection system for wind energy from the Dutch North Sea has been confirmed to be ‘Grid ready’ and has been realized according to planning and budget.”

“Grid connection is one of the most critical aspects of any offshore wind farm project. With platform certification and grid readiness verification we contribute to safe and structured delivery of critical infrastructure for the energy transition,” said Prajeev Rasiah, Executive Vice President Northern Europe Middle East & Africa, DNV GL – Energy. “With these services, DNV GL creates confidence among all project stakeholders in terms of reliable quality, stable operation and proper risk management of grid infrastructure.”

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