FURUNO Presents New Solid-State & IMO-Compliant Magnetron-Free X-Band Radar/Chart Radar

FURUNO Presents New Solid-State & IMO-Compliant Magnetron-Free X-Band Radar/Chart Radar 1

NEW 800W IMO Solid-State device X-band Radar/Chart Radar has been introduced by FURUNO. It provides with a Radar Solution that is entirely Magnetron-free for the first time in both X-band and S-band along with X-band models to the FAR-2xx8/3xx0 NXT Series (from next summer 2020).

Magnetron consumes a lot of power. However, the Solid-State technologies provide a same level of performance with low power consumption. Thus, we can say that Solid-State NXT Radars are not only eco-friendly but also more powerful.


For the first time, a Magnetron-free Commercial Radar/Chart Radar Solution in both X-band and S-band

High performance

No consumable part for reduced operating costs

Eco-friendly Radar

“As a leader in marine electronics, FURUNO is committed to providing ever more efficient tools to ensure safety at sea, while respecting the world’s environmental objectives.(SDGs)”

About Solid-State technology

Instead of magnetron, electronic parts are used in the solid-state technology for the generation of microwaves. This technology reduces amount of power is used, does not wear out and needs no maintenance, thereby decreasing the cost of operation. Moreover, no pre-heating time is needed thus, the start is quicker in comparison to the one with a magnetron.

Though a Solid-State Radar is more eco-friendly and needs less maintenance, it offers the same performance as given by the one with magnetron.


Reference: FURUNO

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