Gasum Conducts First Ship-To-Ship LNG Bunkering To Cruise Ship

Gasum Conducts First Ship-To-Ship LNG Bunkering To Cruise Ship 1

Gasum, a Nordic energy company, conducted its first ever ship-to-ship bunkering at the Meyer Turku shipyard in November 2019. The LNG bunker vessel of Gasum, Coralius was involved in the ship-to-ship bunkering to cruise ship Costa Smeralda of Carnival Corporation. The emission of GHG can be reduced by about 20% by the use of LNG in maritime transport.

Another major achievement of LNG vessel Coralius was conducting Gasum’s first ever ship-to-ship bunkering to a cruise ship.

During the bunkering operation, the newly built Costa Smeralda was supplied with LNG at the Meyer Turku shipyard. Costa Smeralda is the first new built cruise ship at Meyer Turku which will have LNG propulsion.

So far, LNG is the cleanest marine fuel that is available and thus, the most preferred option to replace the traditional fuels. There is a significant improvement in the local air quality because of the use of LNG. Not only this, but is also reduces the emission of GHG by about 20% thereby, meeting the present and the regulations to come in the future by the IMO and the EU.

Bunker vessel Coralius of Gasum started it operations in 2017 and celebrated its 100th bunkering at the beginning of 2019. The North and the Skagerrak are the common areas for her operations. It allows secure supply to the top runners in LNG propulsion, thus, making Gasum more flexible and responsive in the maritime market.

“Coralius allows us to perform ship-to-ship bunkering to different types of vessels. We are happy that this now includes a cruise ship. It is always a proud moment when we can deliver our product and make maritime transportation cleaner,” adds Jacob Granqvist, Sales Director, LNG Marine, Gasum.


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