Georgia Ports Sets New Record, Exceeds 4.6 Million TEUs In 2019

Georgia Ports Sets New Record, Exceeds 4.6 Million TEUs In 2019

Georgia Ports Sets New Record, Exceeds 4.6 Million TEUs In 2019

The Georgia Ports exceeded about 4.6 million twenty-foot container units.

This would mean an increase of 14% over volumes that were moved via Savannah three years ago or an additional 550,000 TEUs. The yearly capacity at the Port of Savannah has also been increased in the same period to 5.5 million TEUs.

“Through incredible teamwork from the GPA and the ILA on the docks to the motor carriers and Class I railroads, and to our partners throughout the supply chain, Georgia has managed to create a powerful hub for commerce that is creating jobs and economic opportunity in every corner of the state,” said GPA Executive Director Griff Lynch.

Cranes, container rows, truck gates, and intermodal capacity is being added by GPA in order to keep the flow of cargo.

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With the launch of the first of Mason Mega Rail project of GPA, the cargo that has been transferred by rail has increased twice as fast as the overall growth in three years in container trade of the Authority. The intermodal volumes grew by 30 percent after the first 10 months in comparison to the same period in 2017. In October, 427,891 containers were handled by the port which is an increase of 98,835 over volumes in comparison to 3 years ago. The on-port rail capacity of Savannah will be increased to 1 million containers annually by the new Mason Mega Rail terminal.

“Exciting new business opportunities such as the export of the Georgia-made Kia Telluride, and resins produced in Pennsylvania and the Gulf States, as well as the import of cold-treated fresh produce, are driving the increase in trade through our deepwater ports,” said GPA Board Chairman Will McKnight. “The speed and efficiency of our terminal operations, as well as our connectivity via road and rail make Georgia the best choice for reliable supply chain services.”

In 2019, till October, 3.88 million twenty-foot equivalent container units were moved by GPA which is a raise by 222,800 TEUs every year.

The total tonnage that crossed all GPA terminals was 32.5 million tons in this year till October, which increase by 4% in comparison to 2018. By moving about 8,000 TEUs each ship, the Port of Savannah is the container terminal of the US Southeast which is handling the highest volumes.

Reference: GA Ports

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