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GNS Enhances Voyager Planning Station With New Route Validation And Improved Voyage Plan Features

Last updated on October 4th, 2019

GNS Enhances Voyager Planning Station With New Route Validation And Improved Voyage Plan Features

The release of the new version of Voyager PLANNING STATION has been announced by GNS. Its new tools will help in making its planning software more useful. It will also help in the improvement of the features thereby bridging the use by officers every day.

The 7.4 version of the new voyager PLANNING STATION includes a route validation tool. This tool helps in making a better route plan. It also highlights Alert and Warning Hazards that might be present on the route thereby insuring the safety of the vessels. It also provides the passage plan so as to include squat and the clearance calculations, ENC Navigation Hazards, MARPOL areas, and NAVAREA Warnings.

“With this new release of Voyager PLANNING STATION we are removing one of the major inefficiencies associated with digital navigation and bringing greater simplicity and efficiency to the bridge at a very affordable price,” said Hayley van Leeuwen, GNS Director Product and Marketing. “This new version also provides significant enhancements to Voyager’s PASSAGE PLAN tool to make it easier for officers to produce a compliant passage plan.”

At present, the navigation officers use ENCs for navigation. In this, each route must be first validated in the ECIDS and then must be transferred to the PC so as to get any missing permits and check for the updates from ENC. The new version of Voyager PLANNING STATION allows them to do the entire planning process in one place itself.

By making use of Voyager PLANNING STATION the officers can plot waypoints, optimize routes, validate those routes, purchase and download the exact permits and updates required before transferring to ECDIS. End-to-end route planning can be made simpler, more cost-effective and efficient by using GNS’s V-drive data transfer tool.

SEALL ECDIS kernel which has been Typed Approved by DNV powers the Voyager PLANNING STATION. This allows the mariners to perform their day-to-day activities by using only one software application.

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