Hamburg Süd Launches Remote Container Management For Reefer Container Shipments

Hamburg Süd Launches Remote Container Management For Reefer Container Shipments

Hamburg Süd Launches Remote Container Management For Reefer Container Shipments

Remote Container Management for Reefer Container Shipments has been launched by Hamburg Süd. It can be used by all the customers of Hamburg Süd after its put immediately into effect.

The parameters like temperature, relative humidity, and the concentrations of O₂ and CO in the reefer container can be monitored by RCM in real-time.

In addition to this, RCM also allows its customers to use the data so collected for monitoring their supply chain in a better way, to improve its efficiency and reliability and thus, leverage great potential for cost savings.

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An added feature is the online availability of the data of the cargo probes that are for Cold Treatment cargo.

The required technology is installed in the entire reefer container fleet of Hamburg Süd and Maersk. In the past few months, test shipments and digital customer interface were developed. An intuitive and user-friendly online application has been developed that can be used in PC, tablet or smartphone and which displays all the necessary parameters of the refrigerated container.

After the registered customers have looked in, an overview of the reefer container that they have booked by them. They will also get the data related to departure and destination ports, container numbers and vessel names. All the necessary information about the container transport like delivery to the terminal or loading onto and discharging from the ship is shown in the “Journey Log”. The information related to the conditions in the container at any point of time can be viewed by the customers with just a few clicks, download it as an Excel list or forward it directly, for example, to the recipient of the goods. Along with this, the customers get notifications when the settings change from the standard parameters. In case, the critical limit values are more or are not maintained then the operations team of Hamburg Süd receives an alarm notification so that they can take some necessary steps in order to protect the quality of the cargo.

Through the chat function, the users can easily get in touch with the reefer experts at any point in time 24/7 if they have any queries related to their present shipments or the application. “With RCM, we are combining the best of both worlds for our reefer customers: digital state-of-the-art technology, which is already tailored as much as possible to individual requirements, in addition to a personal service that can be accessed at any time,” says Frank Smet, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Hamburg Süd.

Hamburg Süd and Maersk provide the largest reefer fleet in the industry with a total of 380,000 reefer containers making RCM technology available for customers all over the world.

Reference: hamburgsud-line

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