IMO: Training Towards A Sustainable Blue Economy For Africa

IMO: Training Towards A Sustainable Blue Economy For Africa

IMO: Training Towards A Sustainable Blue Economy For Africa

By putting in the development of maritime activity as a major part of the development of Africa, will help in the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals that are very important for IMO. The recent training activity by IMO aims to do the same.

As 38 out of 54 countries in Africa are coastal and more than 90% of the trade is carried out by sea, the future of Africa majorly depends on the health of oceans and a sustainable Blue Economy.

This inclusive, green and clean approach to tackle the resources of maritime is important for the new training course that is being developed in Kenya with support from IMO.

At the International Peace Support Training Centre, a pilot session for the senior government officials of Kenya on the ‘Strategic Maritime Security and Blue Economy Course’ was held. An IMO run module is included in the course which deals with the development of Blue Economy policy by which the participants are learning to explain the present situation, dynamics and role played by the policy decision-makers in the development and implementation of Blue Economy Policies.

The participants were challenged to give answers to multiple questions in the event like Is the biggest challenge is the failure to appreciate the value of the maritime sector? Is it fair to say that many African countries do not have a strong maritime culture? If so, how do we change that?

The module highlights the need for all the government agencies, military, and civilians to support a national and regional effort instead of operating departmentally. The Participants were also asked to pay attention to the present and future role of women in the maritime community, with IMO’s Women in Maritime Programme mantra: “training, visibility, recognition” underpinning discussions.

It is expected that the course will be brought out to a wider audience once it is complete.

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