ISWB: Abandoned Crew Of M.V Evangelia M Returns Home After 6 Months

ISWB: Abandoned Crew Of M.V Evangelia M Returns Home After 6 Months 1

With extreme effort of Indian seafarer welfare board (ISWB), Abandoned 21 crew members of Liberia flagged cargo ship M.V Evangelia M returned to their home country Philippines after being abandoned for almost six months at Port of Kakinada, India.

The seafarers were abandoned in the Port of Kakinada by the vessel Owner Sea Majesty Incorporated, Liberia and Managers Athenian Ship Management, Greece. The mariners were bereaved of their wages, basic provisions, fuel and essential first aid supplies.

“The Indian Seafarers Welfare Board (ISWB) is currently dealing with the welfare and legal issues of Seafarers in Indian Ports and also assisting Foreign seafarers in distress and abandonment in Indian Ports”

The Port Welfare Committee of Andhra Pradesh and Sea Mission International has extended their welfare support to the abandoned seafarers and supplied necessary provisions and drinking water to crew members. The abandoned crew of Evangelia M had been repatriated to Philippines safely.

The Captain and Crew members expressed their sincere thanks to Capt. Shailesh Tiwari and Mr. N. Reuben Paul, N. Ravindra Babu Sea Mission International, Centre for Seafarers and Maritime Workers Union (Member of ISWAN, UK), FSUI, Port Welfare Committee of Andhra Pradesh and Philippine Embassy for their coordinated efforts and commitment towards seafarer welfare.

Capt. Shailesh Tiwari, Legal Expert of ISWB and Mr. Reuben Paul have assisted crew members for their legal and welfare issues. The Sea Mission with help of the Philippine Manning Agency EVIC Human Resources, have supplied provisions, fresh water and bunkers during the vessel Blackout at port of Kakinada.

The ISWB assisted crew member to file a case in Hyderabad High court for their pending wages and also for their safely repatriation. The Honorable High Court of Hyderabad has arrested the vessel and ordered port officer to repatriate all crew members to Philippine at the soonest. The Crew members have been repatriated to their home country and waiting for their pending wages, which will expedite after auction of vessel.

The Embassy of Philippines in New Delhi has sent special thanks and extended their gratitude to Mr. N. Reuben Paul for his continuous effort and support to Philipino crew members at Port of Kakinada, India.

Press Releases: seafarerswelfareboard

Photo Courtesy: seafarerswelfareboard

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