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ITF Retrieves Total Of $38m In Owed Wages For Seafarers

Last updated on June 18th, 2019
ITF Retrieves Total Of $38m In Owed Wages For Seafarers

ITF Retrieves Total Of $38m In Owed Wages For Seafarers

For helping seafarers to recover wages owed to them when they are at the sharp end of poor treatment by shipowners the ITF plays a major role. According to ITF inspectorate coordinator Steve Trowsdale in an interview with Splash ( in 2018, USD 37.8 million in owed wages was retrieved by the ITF inspectors.

The pattern is being repeated this year, with USD15.5 million already recovered in the first five months of 2019, as “unscrupulous shipowners are targeting the wages of innocent seafarers”, he said.

For eradicating the continue exploitation of seafarers greater lead by port state control and greater powers for unions to stop ships would be great help said Steve Trowsdale.

Splash also reported that last year at Sea report non-payment of wages was a major problem that was being faced by the seafarers that emerged in the Apostleship of the Sea Life. This report also noted that no or rare complaints were made by seafarers regarding unpaid wages until the situation is acute, yet the stress of unpaid wages can lead to “depression, ill health and dissatisfaction with life at sea”, which also impact on their families.


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