Jan De Nul Aims For 100% Renewable Fuel Usage

Jan De Nul Aims For 100% Renewable Fuel Usage

Jan De Nul Aims For 100% Renewable Fuel Usage

Dredging work is being carried out using 100% renewable fuel by Jan De Nul Group in the Benelux. By doing this, it will be committing itself to reduce the emission of CO2 immediately.

Trailing suction hopper dredger Alexander von Humboldt will make use of renewable biofuels from now on which are certified and sustainable waste systems.

Jan De Nul is willing to join forces with the Flemish Government to introduce an obligation for the reduction of CO2 of 15% for 80% for the dredging contracts maintenance in Flanders latest by 2022.

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The EU is aiming to reduce GHG emissions by 80% to 95% by 2050 when compared to 1990. Out of which a minimum of 40% of the reduction must be done by 2030.

“Why wait until tomorrow when it’s already possible today? We need concrete action”, says Bart Praet, Head of the Dredging Benelux department at Jan De Nul Group. “This intervention makes us at least 80% CO₂ neutral. With this, we want to prove to the governments and to our clients in the Benelux that if they have climate ambitions and incorporate these in the selection procedures, the market is ready for it now. At the same time, we are urging our colleagues in the sector to follow our example in a renewable and climate-neutral trajectory. We are continuing to work hard on our energy transition, relying on innovative solutions.”

“The Flemish government is glad about the use of this renewable fuel, and will definitely include a sustainability criterion for the next procurement of the dredging contract for the evaluation of offers”, says engineer Freddy Aerts, head of division Maritime Access, Department of Mobility and Public Works.

100% renewable fuel

On the maritime access routes of the North Sea and in the Flemish seaports, maintenance work will be undertaken by the ship.

The biofuel that is being supplied by GoodFuels reduces the emission of CO2 by a minimum of 80% and is also does not contain sulfur. GoodFuel is known for the development, commercialization, and supply of renewable fuels in the maritime sector. This is why it has been signed by Jan De Nul Group for a multi-year contract.

“Our energy transition can start today”, Michel Deruyck, Head of the Jan De Nul Energy department, adds. “As we are in continuous consultation with engine manufacturers and other suppliers, we know what is technically feasible. We continue to innovate to remain sustainable and viable in our sector, and to be able to offer our clients alternatives.”

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