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Kalmar Adds Automated Truck Handling To Its Autostrad Offering

Last updated on October 14th, 2019
Kalmar Adds Automated Truck Handling To Its Autostrad Offering

Kalmar Adds Automated Truck Handling To Its Autostrad Offering

Automated Truck Handling has been announced by Kalmar that is a part of Cargotec to its Kalmar AutoStrad™ offering.

The last stage of the landside operations that is placing the containers onto road trucks are automated because ATH allows a complete automated flow between quay cranes and trucks.

The Kalmar yard already had this feature. This feature had now also been added to Kalmar’s horizontal transportation offering.

For automation of quay, stack and landside operations, the Kalmar Autostrad is a proven solution. Medium and large-sized terminals where high equipment flexibility, safety, and minimal labor costs are of key importance, it is ideal.

The offering of the the Kalmar Autostrad that is flexible makes getting an automated terminal simple, low on risk and achievable within a comparatively shorter time period.

The placing of containers to the trucks that are in the terminal’s truck interchange zones from the automatic straddle carriers is also made automatic by the ATH. To measure the profile of the truck, location, and the available container positions, a Truck Lane Measurement System (TLMS) is used. For placing the container onto the accurately, the camera imagining system is used. Using ATH the terminal operations can be made safe, predictable and cost-efficient. It also eliminates the need for the presence of personnel in the truck interchange zones.

“We are pleased to introduce this feature for our horizontal transportation offering. By automating the final step of landside operations in an AutoStrad terminal, we are now able to move people away from the truck interchange areas. This helps terminals improve their safety and provides flexibility by enabling 24/7 operations,” says Henrik Häggblom, VP, Horizontal Transportation Solutions, Kalmar.

Reference: cargotec

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