Living In A Cruise Cheaper Than Living In An Australian City!

Living In A Cruise Cheaper Than Living In An Australian City

You think an overseas holiday is expensive? A vacation with your family on a cruise may seems far-fetched to you.

Just hold on!

In a recent article in,  Ally Foster has reported that Sydney is the most expensive city in Australia to live in.

According to, an average person could be paying a rent of A$221 per week. And to top it off, the Australian Bureau Of Statistics say that the average cost of  living is A$465. This means that an average person has to spend nearly A$ 686 per week,

Now, the interesting part comes up.

A cruise holiday around for a week on the South Pacific ocean would cost around about $80 less than living in Sydney. An eight-night trip around the islands of New Caledonia with P&O cruises will set you back around $699, which works out to just A$609 per week.

It’s astonishing that a week visiting different islands could be cheaper than the average Sydney resident’s cost of living.

So, are planning to live your life o a cruise ship? Yes, that will be tough but what’s not tough is to plan a cruise holiday taking advantage of this disparity.

Retirees especially can spend much of their year traveling to different parts of the world and spend their money and life doing what they love the most!

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