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Low Sulphur Cap Survey Reveals High Level Of Commitment To Comply

Last updated on October 9th, 2019

Low Sulphur Cap Survey Reveals High Level Of Commitment To Comply

According to the survey conducted by Palau International Ship Registry (PISR), more than 44% of ship owners, operators and managers said that they would definitely comply with the regulations of the IMO that have come.

The survey was conducted by PISR over a period of six months starting from April 2019. The views of the ship owners, managers, and operators on the following cap were asked: how they intended to comply; did they think that the implementation date would change; the number of ships they owned and operated and how would the IMO cap according to them would have an effect on their business.

The CEO of PISR, Panos Kirnidis takes the results of the survey as a very encouraging one in compliance terms.

“Our PISR survey has shown that the industry takes these issues seriously. Despite the views in much of the maritime media about the implications for individuals it was pleasing to note that more than a third of respondents see the cap having a positive effect on their operations. As one of the world’s leading ship registries, we understand our support will be even more important to ship owners in the run-up to the cap and beyond.

“We are very encouraged with many of the results from the survey; many of the respondents believe it as a positive step with the majority of responses suggesting it probably would not have much of an effect on their business. This seems surprising in terms of the financial implications and the thoughts in the media over the past 12 months about how expensive many shipowners feel the industry has become, so we see this as an indication of the committed approach they have towards compliance.”

Reference: Palau International Ship Registry

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