Marlink Unveils Dedicated Solution For Maritime File Transfer And Data Sharing

Marlink Unveils Dedicated Solution For Maritime File Transfer And Data Sharing 1

Marlink has unveiled XChange Cloud, the latest digital business optimisation tool providing a secure and scalable platform for the optimised transfer and synchronisation of files between ship and shore, and vice versa. The new and secure file transfer and storage system runs on XChange, Marlink’s centralised IT and communications management platform, which is already in use on thousands of ships, and requires no additional hardware to activate.

XChange Cloud helps ship owners and operators to streamline and automate their business, logistical and vessel operations by providing a secured, reliable and easy to manage platform to share files of any size or type across a fleet of vessels of any size. It has been designed to specifically support the business needs of maritime users who wish to effectively implement a more digital approach, including automation, to their fleet operations management.

Application scenarios include storing and sharing status reports from on board engine monitoring systems. Once transferred, the customer’s on shore ERP system can access the reports and take the necessary actions, such as, ordering spare parts for the next port call or automatically warning the fleet manager about any technical issues without manual intervention. Should a ‘pushed’ status report (or any other file) become lost or damaged, it can easily be recalled due to the file redundancy feature, which stores a copy of each file on both sides as default.

XChange Cloud is designed to enable optimal file transfer and synchronisation over a satellite link, ensuring data integrity at all times and best use of available bandwidth through advanced file compression. Shipping companies can be confident in the security of any data shared within the closed-ecosystem, which is segregated from the public Internet and accessible only with approved credentials.

As a core feature of Marlink’s flexible centralised IT and communications management system, XChange Cloud is easy to set-up. Unlike third-party cloud solutions, there is no requirement to configure i.e., firewalls and M2M groups, meaning XChange users can adopt secure digital file sharing into their operations with ease. Users can also be confident in reliability, through Marlink’s own File Transfer Protocols, developed in house and already used for sharing data in the established SkyFile AFT and XChange Content tools.

“In combination with Sealink VSAT services and our extensive portfolio of business critical solutions, XChange is a cost-effective, easy to manage gateway to maritime digitalisation,” said Tore Morten Olsen, President Maritime, Marlink. “Its latest solution, XChange Cloud is a secure, straightforward platform that allows our customers to facilitate the increasing need for sharing electronic files as part of daily vessel and fleet management operations. As our latest digital solution, it will help to introduce more efficient business practices across the board.”

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