Meyer Turku Delivers First LNG-Powered Cruise Ship Costa Smeralda

Meyer Turku Delivers First LNG-Powered Cruise Ship Costa Smeralda

Meyer Turku Delivers First LNG-Powered Cruise Ship Costa Smeralda

Costa Cruises received the delivery of Costa Smeralda from Meyer Turku shipyard and will sail towards Barcelona. This ship is one of the most unique and beautiful ships that has been built at Turku shipyard.

“Costa Smeralda will be a further boost to the use of LNG in cruise ships, a technology we were the first to believe in, setting a new course in the cruise sector. Our Costa Group has invested in the construction of five new LNG ships as part of our leadership in sustainable tourism. It is an innovation in the cruise and overall shipping industries, destined to mark a step-change as it guarantees a significant reduction in our environmental impact without compromising the safety aspects that are an essential priority for us”. – said Neil Palomba, President of Costa Cruises. “Costa Smeralda is a significant product innovation as well, with Italian hospitality remaining a fundamental and distinctive element of our brand, able to enchant and excite not only new cruise passengers but also more experienced ones”.

The LNG revolution in cruise ships is being led by Costa Smeralda by being a part of the world’s first cruise ship class that is powered by LNG. The emissions of small particles, sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxide, and CO2 will be reduced by a great amount by using LNG as a fuel.

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Costa Smeralda is featured with innovative Italian designs and unique spaces for the guests to enjoy.

“We have used all our knowledge, skills and imagination to design and build this ship. I would especially like to mention the Colosseo, a three-deck open area in the middle of the ship with state-of-the-art audio-visual technology inside which required a specific design and building capabilities. We are looking forward to the passengers enjoying some exceptional shows and performances there”, CEO of Meyer Turku, Jan Meyer, states.

“We trust that the passengers will very much appreciate the design, quality, and features of the ship during their coming holidays. The exceptional upper deck areas and the Spanish stairs in the aft of the ship will be a treat in warm Mediterranean weather”, Jan Meyer envisions.

Costa Smeralda is a traveling “smart city”. In addition to the innovation of LNG, the vessel also features a variety of top-notch technical innovations that will make it even more eco-friendly. The daily water needs can be met directly through the sea using the desalination systems of the ship. The usage of LED lights and reusing the heat that is generated by the engines, the specific shape of the hull is designed to decrease the drag in the water and new generation elevators that reuse the energy by putting it back into the electricity system will bring down the energy consumption to the least.


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