Miller Boat Line orders new ferry for Ohio’s Lake Erie

Superior's Fraser Shipyards to build its largest vessel since 1966

Family-owned company Miller Boat Line has ordered a new passenger-vehicle ferry for its route on Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

The ferry is to be constructed by Fraser Shipyards at its facility in Superior, Wisconsin.

The 140-foot-long ferry will be christened Mary Ann Market in honor of the company’s late owner and family matriarch. The vessel will accommodate more than 600 passengers or 26 standard-sized vehicles, and offer 20% more cargo capacity, compared to Miller’s current largest ferry. She will also feature the main deck with a passenger cabin and restroom, as well as systems for enhanced propulsion and maneuverability.

Fraser Shipyards will build the ferry in modules and start assembling her in autumn 2018, aiming to deliver her in autumn 2019.

“We chose Fraser due to its enduring high quality, integrity and value, and with consideration of recommendations from industry professionals, including marine surveyors, lake captains and engineers,” said Billy Market, president of Miller Boat Line.

Once in service, Mary Ann Market will homeport in Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island on Lake Erie. The vessel will be the fourth in Miller’s fleet.

“We look forward to welcoming the new Mary Ann Market; it will be a proud and nostalgic moment to see her operate alongside the other island ferries,” said the company in a statement.


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