MOL Adds New Experiential Content To VR-Based Safety Education Tool

MOL Adds New Experiential Content To VR-Based Safety Education Tool 1

The development of the new content for the marine safety education program based on virtual reality has been announced by the Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL). It virtually allows the trainees to capture the sensations of “falling”, “hand being caught between something”, and experiencing “an incinerator explosion incident”. VR goggles and VR technology that is created by Tsumiki Seisaku Co., Ltd will be used in this program.

Trainees can have an experience of the onboard operations through the VR tools, with computer graphic simulations of moving around on the ship, along with their own movements, allowing them to pinpoint dangerous areas and situation.

A crew that works without identifying the danger has a higher chance of facing an accident or a problem. The content that is based on VR helps them think about the issue which needs extra care and thereby, helps them in planning their next move during the operations onboard.

Moreover, introduction of new equipments that resemble touching and sensing, all the trainees’ senses are involved in the new content that they might experience when an accident happens when they are on board. This makes the training even more real.

Trainees may even feel an electric shock that the controllers administer. Not only this but they can also hear and see the situation and feel the vibrations through the goggles. This recreation of actual accidents enables the trainees to connect.

MOL is trying to make onboard safety education more effective by developing the additional content, with the goal of increasing the awareness about mariners’ safety and thereby removing the accidents that happen onboard by using practical experience based tools which is a major advancement in the authenticity in comparison to the present training content.

By a number of programs, MOL and its front line seafarers are trying to improve the awareness about safety among the executives and employees. The major aim is to become the leader in the world when it comes to safety in operations by providing secure and stable cargo transport services.

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