MOL Introduces Advanced Augmented Reality Navigation System In Dubai

MOL Introduces Advanced Augmented Reality Navigation System In Dubai

MOL Introduces Advanced Augmented Reality Navigation System In Dubai

A joint presentation was made by Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) and Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. It was about the Navigation System that is based on augmented reality. It was presented at the ENOC Marine Conference and OCIMF Middle East Regional Marine Forum which was held in September in Dubai to about 200 representatives from the tanker industry.

The background of the technology and the system’s development along with the efforts of MOL to “forge ahead to become the world leader in safe operation” was shown in the presentation.

Visual support is provided by the AR Navigation System for the crew members to keep a watch and during the operations of the ship. For the real-time video imagery and information of the voyage, AR technology is used.

In congested shipping lanes like the Strait of Malacca, large tankers with deep drafts need to operate ships carefully. Any collision or grounding can result in an oil spill or another serious environmental disaster.

Real-time video images and the information about the vehicle course can be shown by the AR Navigation System using nautical instruments on a display in the bridge even in congested sea lanes. It helps the mariners to make sure that they are on the safe course, they get alert of the nearby ships that may lead to a risk, shallow sea areas and other possible risks.

The representatives of the tanker industry show great interest in the presentation. MOL will use the feedback received and continue the work with FURUNO for studying the further upgrades to the system. This aims to ensure the contribution of AR Navigation System for the safety of marine traffic through “the eyes of the captains and officers” who use the system onboard and thereby, provide support to the users.

MOL is committed to keeping the safe operation as it’s the highest priority in all the business activities. It is going to do this by the ‘ISHIN NEXT – MOL SMART SHIP PROJECT’ which started in November 2016.

MOL has been introducing ICT technologies that include the AR Navigation System to the world. By proving top-notch services and safe operations that are backed by advanced technology, its aim is to become the first choice of the customers.

Reference: MOL

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