MOL Receives Delivery Of Wood Chip Carrier “Southern Treasure”

MOL Receives Delivery Of Wood Chip Carrier “Southern Treasure” 1

It was announced by Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) that the wood chip carrier Southern Treasure that a cargo capacity of 4.3 million cubic feet was delivered on the 31st of October at Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. The ship that transports wood chips for Hokuetsu Corporation will be operated by MOL.

The vessel features a SOx scrubber and Ballast Water Management System in order to meet the environmental regulations.

It also has the technologies like the Seaworthy Bow of Oshima Shipbuilding, a top-notch hull shape that has a better stern shape, and Advanced Flipper Fins (energy-saving equipment to improve propulsion efficiency), and Propeller Boss Cap Fins (PBCF).

In order to reduce the emission of CO2, the ship also has an engine that is controlled electronically and low friction ship bottom paint.

The vessel derives it’s name ‘Southern Treasure’ from its cargo wood chips that are produced in Chile, South Africa, Australia, Vietnam, and other Southern countries, and represent “treasure” delivered to Hokuetsu Corporation.

Outline of the vessel

LOA 210.00m

Breadth 37.00m

Depth 22.80m

Cargo hold capacity 4,326,015 cubic feet


Reference: MOL

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