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MSC Delivers 200 Containers Of Vital Supplies For Bahamas Hurricane Relief

Last updated on September 11th, 2020

MSC Delivers 200 Containers Of Vital Supplies For Bahamas Hurricane Relief

After the Hurricane Dorian that devastated the Bahamas in September is being rebuilt with help from MSC.

MSC that is the leader in the shipping and logistics industry has been using its equipment and expertise to provide with 200 vessels that are filled with relief supplies to Grand Bahama Island.

After Hurricane, many were killed and thousands of people were left without homes. With a joint effort with the nonprofit MSC foundation, MSC with the help of its customers and partners collected donated items that were mentioned in the aid requirements listed by the Bahamian government.

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A large number of donations like materials, generators, tarpaulins, water, food, sanitary and medical supplies were made available by MSC to the needy people in the Bahamas. The collected goods were kept in the warehouse in the USA and MSC started it’s delivery as soon as the Freeport Container Terminal in the Bahamas was reopened.

Freeport Container Terminal had no power for a few days after the Hurricane and was also not able to operate the ship-to-shore gantry cranes for some time, which are used to extract containers from the vessel.

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Thus, at the beginning, MSC used a vessel with its own crane onboard for delivering the goods.

Shipping agencies from all over the MSC network have been in action to help the initiative.

For the reconstruction and relief of the Bahamas, MSC is working continuously hand in hand with MSC Foundation. It was launched this year to provide humanitarian, charitable and conservation initiatives alongside the Bahamian Government.

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