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MV Bonita’s Nine Crew Members Held As Hostages, Released After 35 Days In Captivity

Last updated on December 12th, 2019

The nine crew members of MV Bonita that were held hostage were released in Nigeria on the 6th of December, 2019 after being in captivity for 35 days. They have been safely brought to a place in Nigeria.

After the crew members went through medical examination, the doctor said that they were all fit to fly/travel on Saturday. However, they had a hard experience in captivity.

After arriving in the Philippines, the crew members will get more care and will be followed further. Ugland will work constantly in the entire process of recovery of the crew members.

The crew members have arrived to Manila, Philippines, to reunite them with their families and colleagues.

Members from the headquarters of Ugland in Grimstad, Norway and other parties have played an active role in bringing the members back home and were also there both in Nigeria and Philippines.

We are very thankful and relieved that the crew are now free and back home. President Øystein Beisland says: “We are truly happy that the nine crew members are now reunited with their families and have their wellbeing at heart. I would on behalf of the company like to sincerely thank all parties that have contributed to resolving this difficult situation”.



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